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Is Jarvis Getting Back to Normal?

Jarvis's extra-curricular activities return after a long absence. Full Story

Does Jarvis Hate?

Almost 70% of the abuse against Homosexuals takes place at schools, which makes school more dangerous to these kids than the streets. Full Story

Semi-Formals only Semi-Successful

The attendance to the Semi-Formals is becoming smaller each year. Have the Semi-Formals become un-cool? Full Story

Marking Madness!

Find out tips and strategies to improve your essay writing skills. Full Story

Reading Between the Lines

Reading Period. Some love it. Some hate it. Express your opinion on the polls to the right. Full Story

The Double Cohort & New Curriculum

Find out some quick facts on the double cohort and the new curriculum. Statistics

ICQ: Good or Bad?

Find out about the messaging tool that many interent users are using daily. Full Story

Double Cohort University/College Poll
Are you worried about getting into University/College because of the Double Cohort?

Homophobia Poll
Do you think that Homophobia is a problem At Jarvis?

Semi-Formals only Semi-Successful
Do you think Jarvis should try to have more Semi-Formals?

Reading Period Poll #1
What do you think about Reading Period?
I like the time set aside for Reading
I love nap time!
I hate it
It is okay

Reading Period Poll #2
When would you prefer to have Reading Period?
Sometime during the morning periods
Sometime during the afternoon periods
Last period of the day
First Period of the day
Not at all