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Global Warming
We see it on the news, on advertisements, we even had an entire assembly devoted to it, but what does global warming mean to you? How much do you really know?
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What’s Going On?
In 1995, at the age of 12, Craig Kielburger read a newspaper headline and was inspired to start an international charitable organization called Free the Children; but in a recent survey, almost half of Jarvis students claim that they do not pay any attention to current events.
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Dating: Who Pays The Price?
When a guy insists to pay on a date, he’s a gentleman, right? He is fulfilling his role as the “man” in the relationship, showing his date that he is capable of paying for whatever she wants. This could apply to any relationship sixty years ago, but one might think that, as times have changed, we would see less of these set gender-roles in high-school relationships and mindsets. Many Jarvis students, however, hold this sort of gentlemanly behaviour in high esteem when they think about dating.

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On June 5 2007, the Toronto District School Board appointed a Safe School Advisory Panel in response to the shooting and death of Jordan Manners at C.W. Jefferys C.I. last May. In order to prevent further tragedy at Jefferys, the panel recommended that security cameras be installed in the school and, indeed, such precautions were taken.

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Imagine you’re sitting at your computer, browsing the website Facebook and casually posting a few comments on people’s walls. You and another Jarvis student get into a malicious discussion regarding another student. The following day, you get called down to the office for cyber-bullying.

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The past few hours have been arduous, filled with zombies and ghouls seeking to get a piece of Windgrace. Now at the end of his quest, Windgrace, a.k.a. Steve, is just seconds away from obtaining his prize when the alarm clock goes off..


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With the recent news of Dumbledore’s sexual orientation, talk has exploded about the Harry Potter series, and just what the whole thing really means.
The Telegraph, a U.K. online newspaper, claims that the works of J.K. Rowling are criticisms of the “War on Terror”..

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Going Green - Eco-Friendly or Eco-Fad?

Remember when everything from apples to coffee went organic? When ice-cream turned non-fat, pop turned sugar-free, and if you ordered a regular latte at Starbucks the barista would look at you funny?
The diet and nutrition craze began a few years ago, when the first reports of the astounding rise in obesity came out. It was nothing short of a social revolution. There have never been so many people who, in a very short time, became very health conscious..

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Africentric Schools: Not a Black and White Issue

“Martin Luther King Jr. and other Black leaders fought for integration and now you want to fight for segregation? Are you serious?” This is the response a person might get when proposing the idea of an Africentric School.
However, creating a school with an Africentric focus in its curriculum, staffing, and programming is not segregation; it is an attempt to help Black students succeed by incorporating their culture and heritage into their education.

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