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Global Warming
We see it on the news, on advertisements, we even had an entire assembly devoted to it, but what does global warming mean to you? How much do you really know?
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What’s Going On?
In 1995, at the age of 12, Craig Kielburger read a newspaper headline and was inspired to start an international charitable organization called Free the Children; but in a recent survey, almost half of Jarvis students claim that they do not pay any attention to current events.
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Dating: Who Pays The Price?
When a guy insists to pay on a date, he’s a gentleman, right? He is fulfilling his role as the “man” in the relationship, showing his date that he is capable of paying for whatever she wants. This could apply to any relationship sixty years ago, but one might think that, as times have changed, we would see less of these set gender-roles in high-school relationships and mindsets. Many Jarvis students, however, hold this sort of gentlemanly behaviour in high esteem when they think about dating.

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Jarvis Safer Than Most Schools?

Uniforms and identification cards? Regular searches of lockers for weapons? Random visits by Board canine units? These are just some of the new security measures students may face..

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On January 29th 2008, amidst tremendous, twelve-year-old controversy surrounding the issue, the trustees of the Toronto District School Board voted 11-9 in favour of establishing an Africentric school program as a pilot project in Toronto.


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The going rate for babysitting is around ten dollars an hour, or at least that’s what I’m told. Most people consider this career to be a dull one, as there is almost no room for advancement. However, the most obvious and high-paying promotion is right in front of us on a near daily basis – supply teachers. At the going rate of $150 a day, supply teachers get roughly twice the pay of regular babysitters for what seems to be half the work. This isn’t wholly accurate, though, because there is in fact a lot more to being a supply teacher than meets the eye.

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So I’m in Grade 11 now; I’ve taken quite a varied course load since my Grade 9 year and I’m kind of stuck for what to take next year. My friend, a former JCI student, suggested I try for the co-op program and I figured I’d give it a shot.

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