February 2014 Photos of the Month

So I’m taking my cue from the poll last month and presenting 3 photos, one each from the top 3 decades for posting yearbooks.

#1 – The 1960’s : 1962 Girl’s Precision Squad


So that’s all I have on this picture.  I looked briefly at the 1962 Magnet and didn’t notice this picture in it, so what was the Girl’s Precision Squad and can anyone identify the people in the picture?

#2 – The 1970’s:  Teacher’s strike of 1976


So all I know about this is that it’s from 1976 and it’s labelled “Teacher’s Strike”.  Any memories from the 1976 Teacher’s Strike?  Can anyone identify the two people in the photo?

#3 1980’s:  Remember that time in Band Class in 1984?


So a picture of a band class from 1984.  That’s all I’ve got. Can anyone identify the people in the photo?  Any memories of band class you’d like to share?

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