The Magnet Newsletter: February 2014 Edition

So this month has been a slow month (well for the archives with one post, it’s actually been a busy month for myself with work and life).  Thank you to everyone who participated in the recent poll.  The 1960’s won, so I’m working on scanning the 1961 Yearbook next.

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February 2014 Pictures of the Month

Archives and Museum Update:

Pauline and I are hoping to meet with the school principal to go over our plans for the physical Archives and Museum at Jarvis.  Currently the archive resides in a small room (maybe 10ft x 10ft) at the back of the library.  Our hope is that we can get a room that’s larger so that we set up a proper museum and archive with display cases and a large table so that we have space to work on the archival material as well as for the public to have a space to sit and look through the materials.  The other reason for asking for a larger space with display cases is that there is a large amount of materials held by the TDSB museum that we’d like to bring back to the school so that it’s readily accessible.  Unfortunately last month we weren’t successful with meeting the school principal to discuss our plans going forward, so I hope next month we’ll be able to meet and move forward.

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