The Magnet Newsletter: January 2015 Edition

Happy New Year Everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus, but 2014 was very busy with a number of things putting the archives off track, one of which was the switch of domain names.  Please update your bookmarks as our new home is  I’m using a new theme which should be friendlier on smartphones and tablets.

All the content is back from the old site.  Unfortunately I had difficulty importing your newsletter preferences and user logins, so if  you could re-register, it would be appreciated.

What’s New on the Site:

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January 2015 Pictures of the Month

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Also Yearbooks and The Decade Room pages have been reorganized, so check them out.

What’s to come:

I’m still working on scanning the 1960 yearbook.  With the launch of the new website, I’d like to draw your attention to volunteer opportunities.  Updated information can be found on our Volunteering page.  We’re looking for volunteers to commit a small amount of time either on a weekly or monthly basis to help with the organization of the archives, scanning of yearbooks and help with setup of a new archives room.  We’ll also start a fundraising campaign to raise funds for the archives (if you send a donation to the school for the archives either in person, by mail or online, please send me an email with the amount you’ve donated so I can keep track of it).  Funds will be used to furnish the archives with a work table, chairs, cabinets, a computer and a scanner.  If you have any items you’d be willing to donate, it would be much appreciated.  Also funds will be raised to fund our operations, such as purchasing preservation materials and to continue the digitizing work for the online archive.  Please contact us at if you’re interested in helping out.

Thank you for your patience and support.


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