The Magnet Newsletter: February/March 2015 Edition

Hi Everyone,

Sorry for being out of touch last month.  It’s been a busy two months for me work/life wise.  Pauline McKenzie and Frank Marshall have continued their work at the school on the archives with the new room being cleaned up, yearbooks and files organized.  To carry on our work, we are looking for donations to support the archives and museum as it’s not funded by the school.  Monies can be donated to the school and directed to the Archives and Museum.  Details on how to donate can be found on our Donations page.  Most of the money received will be used to by archival materials to preserve the school’s history with anything left over being used to buy furniture, a computer and a scanner (our current plan is to use a computer and scanner owned by the school to carry on our digitization work).  We’ll also take offers for donated furniture and computer hardware.  Please just drop us a line at

What’s new on the site:

For 1960’s Jarvisites – Matti Ingerman is organizing a reunion for people who attended Jarvis in the 1960’s.

2015 Reunion

February 2015 Photos of the Month

What’s to come:

I’m still working on scanning that 1960 yearbook.  Frank will be scanning yearbooks at the school to help speed up the effort.  If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact us at  Hopefully we’ll get some donations and volunteers to help us speed up our efforts.

Thanks for your support.


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