Grade Nine Jarvis Collegiate 1961 Math Class

I was in grade nine and our second last period of the day was gym. The boys gym was at the lower far end of the school. Our last period was math on the fourth floor at the opposite end of the school. Since the gym class was two classes you had to be lucky to get an early shower after gym class. Otherwise, you would have to wait, and possibly have to scramble to get to the next class. .

Our math teacher was Sara (Sadie) McRoberts). She did not like us being tardy for her class so she often told us that we would have a detention if we could not be on time for her class. We had to run all the way from one end of the school and up four flights of stairs to the other. Miss McRoberts taught algebra and had strict classroom discipline. Woe betide anyone who had not done their math homework and had been found out. I learned the hard way to not raise my hand to answer a question (if my answer proved to be incorrect). We were seated in alphabetical order (by surname). I guess it made it easier for keeping track of who was where. We had to stand up when we were asked a math question.

One thing I remember about that math class is that our class sure had a lot of detentions. We were sort of hapless as it was the last period of the day , so we had to stay. There were both individual detentions and class detentions.

One incident I remember was a student named Peter (his last name shall remain anonymous), put an apple on the teacher’s desk. The apple had been partially eaten and the good side faced the teacher. The whole class saw the brown eaten part but the teacher didn’t see it. She praised Peter in front of the class. When she turned the apple around, it was a different story. We all laughed and we had a class detention that day. Oh boy!

I must say that Miss McRoberts was fair and I got a good math grade that year.   I still do remember all of the above.

Don Berteit

June 11, 2015

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