The Magnet Newsletter: June 2015 Edition

Hi Everyone,

The last few months have been extremely busy both at work and with the family.  Pauline McKenzie and Frank Marshall have managed to clean up our archives cupboard and tidied the museum.  Unfortunately after meeting with the Principal and Office Manager, the archives still has yet to receive a donation, so we’ll continue to do what we can with no funding.  Details on how to donate can be found on our Donations page.  The following items are what we’re most in need of to continue our work:

  • Archival Folders and Storage boxes
  • A computer (something that at the most is 3 years old and preferably a laptop that we can lock away when it is not in use)
  • A flatbed scanner
  • A work table
  • A few chairs

The school is open during the month of July for summer school, so if you can donate any of these items, please feel free to drop them off in the main office between 9 am and 3 pm.  Please email us a week before you intend to drop of the items at  so that we can give the school a heads up of what you’re donating.

What’s new on the site:

1960 Magnet Yearbook (Finally)

Army Cadets Jarvis Collegiate 1960’s – a memory by Don Berteit

Grade Nine Jarvis Collegiate 1961 Math Class – a memory by Don Berteit

June 2015 Photos of the Month

What’s to come:

The next yearbook I’m working on scanning is the 1962 Magnet Yearbook and Frank is working on the 1966 Magnet Yearbook (I’ve loaned him my own laptop and we’ve borrowed a scanner from the librarian for the summer)  If anyone is interested in helping out, please contact us at  Hopefully we’ll get some donations and volunteers to help us speed up our efforts.

Thanks for your support.


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