The Magnet Newsletter: March 2016 Edition

Hi Everyone!

Happy Easter Weekend Everyone!  Hopefully everyone is enjoying the time off of work.  I haven’t been able to do much with work and family commitments, but here are a few new posts on the site.

What’s new on the site:

Jarvis Stars 2008 Video

March 2016 Photos/Videos of the Month


What’s to come:

Frank has trained a few students at Jarvis to work on scanning yearbooks.  The 1968 yearbook has been completed (I just need to meet up with Frank to get the images to post them to the website) and the 1969 Yearbook is currently being worked on.  I’m continuing to work on posting the videos and images to the website.  Unfortunately as we continue to post videos on the site, if anything contains copyrighted material, the rights’ holders will receive any advertising income.  To date we haven’t generated enough views to generate any funds from the posting of videos and probably won’t generate any funds with content that might be more popular (such as the Jarvis Stars Shows).

Thank you for your continued support.



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