Message From the Class of 1966

This is a message from Bill Mitchell:

The class of 1966 is having its 50th reunion and it’s going to be a great bash!  We want everyone who was ever at Jarvis to come (well, maybe not Sadie McRoberts). Class of 2015, class of 1915, all are welcome. So get out your spanx, ladies, shave off that three day beard growth, guys, and join us for the best Jarvis reunion in 50 years! (We can’t back this up, but we believe it). 

Details (or minutiae for the Latin scholars):

Date: Saturday June 4/2016

Time: 3:00 P.M. till the bar closes or your eyes do 

Place:  Pilot tavern, on Cumberland just west of Yonge and two blocks north of the Yonge/Bloor subway. 

What’s to eat: You can get anything you want at the Pilot, except the pilot.

But seriously, you can order anything you want off the regular menu. Don’t be dieting!

What’s to drink: There will be either a cash bar or drink tickets. 3:00 P.M is not too early to get started.


Please let us know if you can come. We need to know approximate numbers because, while you don’t need to pay anything up front, the Pilot requires groups to spend a minimum of $2000. We need to know if we have a big enough group of eaters and drinkers to let us go ahead and reserve the room.    

RSVP as soon as you can please, to  or at 905-507-0811


 don’t forget, we need you to pass the word. Forward this to friends, siblings, exes, rivals, teachers, and the party will be fantastic! 

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