The Magnet Newsletter: November 2016 Edition

Hi Everyone!

Sorry for the hiatus, it was a busy summer and fall for myself.  I managed to visit the school with Frank on Remembrance Day.  Unfortunately activity at the school ground to a halt with the summer break, so we’re hoping to get things started.

Here are the latest posts to the site with a Remembrance Day theme:

Lest We Forget Jarvisites who fought and died in World War One

November 2016 Photos of the Month

Help needed:

I’m almost finished scanning the 1968 yearbook, but I’m missing two pages.  Page 103 and 104 are missing from the yearbook, so if someone could scan it in and email it to me, it’d be much appreciated.  Page 103 would have started with Homeform 10f and Page 104 would have ended with Homeform 11b.  If you could scan it in greyscale at 300 dpi, it will match the rest of the scans.  I’m okay with jpeg format with the quality setting to highest.

What’s to come:

Frank is hoping to work at the school and get things started again.  We hope to complete the 1960’s for yearbook scanning by the end of the year.  I’ll turn my attention to posting more videos on the site, since I think it could help generate some funds.  If anyone would like to donate a few dollars here or there, send your cheque payable to Jarvis Collegiate, with attention to the archives and we’ll be sure to get the school to send you a tax receipt if it meets their minimum threshold for issuing one.  Right now we’re just looking to buy some basic archival materials (archive boxes and folders) to help with our work at the school.

Thank you for your continued support.


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