The Magnet Newsletter: December 2016 Edition

Hi Everyone!

Our work is slowly coming along.  The past month has been pretty productive as I managed to scan in three yearbooks!  Below are the latest posts:

1968 Magnet Yearbook now online!

1969 Magnet Yearbook now online!

December 2016 Photos of the Month

2013 Magnet Yearbook now online!

What’s to come:

Hopefully in January we’ll be able to get things going at the school again.  Now that the 1960’s yearbooks are all online and there’s now something for more recent Jarvisites to look at on the site, I plan to scan in the 1997 Magnet Yearbook (I was the Editor-in-Chief of this one).  With this being the season of giving, I’ll continue to ask if anyone is able to donate a few dollars, we’d appreciate it.  Please send your checks to the school, addressed to the archives.  I think the minimum donation for a taxable receipt is $20 (I will check with the office once it opens up again).

I wish you all a Happy New Year and thank you for your continued support.


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