The Magnet Newsletter: January 2017 Edition

Hi Everyone,

So work is slowly progressing.  I’ve managed to get some more equipment that will hopefully help the cause.  Thank you to a friend (who happens to have graduated from Harbord) who donated some old computer equipment to help out.

What’s new:

1997 Magnet Yearbook

January 2017 Photos of the Month

What’s to come:

With new equipment and a new volunteer (David Schrieber, a former Jarvis teacher), we hope to make some more progress in the online efforts.   As for collecting donations, I’ve been told by the Office Manager the best way is to send a cheque made out to the TDSB, but on the envelope, address it to me c/o the Archives and mail it to the school.  That way, I’ll get it and then the Office Manager can make sure it gets allocated to the Archives and Museum.  On the website I mention a method of donating online, but unfortunately the Office Manager let me know that funds coming that way usually end up in the schools general account and the TDSB doesn’t tell them what exactly the money was donated for (so while good for the school, not so good for the archives as I’ve had a friend donate this way and was disappointment to hear that the funds couldn’t be released to the Archives).

Thank you for your support.


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