The Magnet Newsletter – February 2017 Edition

Hi Everyone,

This month we had a little setback at the school, with the cupboard where we store most of archival materials being blasted by heat.  Frank and I luckily were there to discover the room hitting the 30 degree mark and managed to move everything into the Archive and Museum room, which was much cooler.  It appears the thermostat failed in that room, which resulted in the excessive heat.  Hopefully no items got damaged.

Frank has managed to index most of the contents of the filing cabinets and hopes to be finished soon.  We’ve also got another volunteer to scan yearbooks.  I hope in 2017 we’ll be able to post the most yearbooks ever in one year.  🙂

What’s new:

1905 – The Magnet Volume 1 Number 1

February 2017 Photo of the Month

What’s to come:

As mentioned above more scanned yearbooks!  I’m also hoping to post more videos on the site.  As a side note, we received one donation and unfortunately the school can’t process it because it was not made out to the TDSB.  So as a reminder, if you’re donating via a cheque sent to the school, please make it out to the TDSB and on the envelope send it to myself c/o Jarvis Archives and Musuem.

Thank you for your support.


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