The Magnet Newsletter – March/April 2017 Edition

Hi Everyone,

Frank has managed to put in a lot of time recently and gotten the physical archives more organized than ever before.  Thanks for all the hard work Frank!  I’ve just managed to finish scanning the next three issues of the 1905 Magnet which started off as a monthly newsletter, but after the end of the school year in 1905 it changed to a term based newsletter.

What’s new:

1905 – The Magnets (Volume 1 Numbers 1 to 4)

What’s to come:

Yearbooks from 1938 to 1945 and some from the 1990’s are being scanned.  There have been a few technical snafus, but I’m hoping we’ll have them resolved soon and that we’ll be able to start posting yearbooks faster.  Frank continues to work diligently at the school, so please keep your donations coming in as we hope to purchase some archival materials to better preserve what we have in the archive and museum.  As mentioned in the last newsletter, the best way to get funds to us is to send a check to the school c/o the archives, but written out to the TDSB.  That way, the cheques are handed over to the school and we can better keep track of the funds directed to the museum/archive.

Thank you for your support.


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