The Magnet Newsletter – May/June 2017 Edition

Hi Everyone,

So for myself, it’s been a really busy time with work, so unfortunately I haven’t had much time to devote to scanning yearbooks or posting more videos.  That being said I have managed to scan in a yearbook into the 1906 school  year, with the 1905 Christmas edition of The Magnet being posted at the link below.

1906 The Magnet Volume 2 Number 1

David Schreiber brought to my attention that David Reed is retiring at the end of this school year.  He was my grade 10 enriched English teacher and he’s been an influence on many Jarvisites over the years.  Last I recall he was at the Native Learning Centre which is located on 83 Alexander Street (which is very close to Jarvis).    Mr. Reed, I wish you well in your retirement and hopefully our paths will cross again as they did many years ago back when I was at Jarvis.

What’s to come:

Well, with summer here, and hopefully things not being too busy (as the kids are now out of school and many of the after school/weekend activities are on hiatus for the summer), the hope is to keep scanning yearbooks and get back to posting some videos.


Wishing everyone a happy and safe summer.



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