Impact of the Cold War – PhD Thesis Research

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Frank Clarke is a PhD Candidate (History) and is doing his research on the impact of the Cold War on Secondary Schools in Ontario.  Below is what he’s looking for and how you can contact him if you wish to participate.  The research is open to both students and staff.

If you could help him out, it would be appreciated.


Former Jarvis students and teachers sought for interviews for PhD Thesis


Students and teachers who attended/taught at Jarvis Collegiate between the years 1948 and 1963 are sought for interviews for a PhD thesis exploring the impact of the Cold War on secondary schools in the province of Ontario in terms of curriculum or what was taught in the schools about world affairs (e.g. Korean War, Cuban Missile Crisis), systems of government (comparing democracies and non-democracies), citizenship, religion, as well as other issues such as civil defence (protection against atomic attack), cadets, as well as anti-Communism in general.


I am interested in hearing the recollections of past students and teachers who remember any of the following:


Civil Defence: Did your teacher mention what to do in case the school experienced a nuclear attack? Do you remember any emergency drills or instructions from the teacher? Was the threat of nuclear war ever discussed in class? Do you recall the subject coming up between you and your classmates or you and your parents? For those who were students during the Cuban Missile Crisis, did the subject come up in class? Teachers: do you recall receiving any memos from the school, board or ministry on procedures to be followed to protect children?


Systems of Government/Citizenship and Democracy: Did you take Social Studies or History classes that discussed systems of government and that compared the British Parliamentary system to those of Communist nations? Do you recall learning about citizenship and democracy? Teachers in history or social studies: do you recall teaching about these subjects?


World Events: Were international events such as the Korean War (1950-53), atom/hydrogen bomb testing (1950s), Sputnik (1957), the Berlin Crisis (1958-61), the Cuban Missile Crisis (1962) or other events discussed in social studies or history class?


Religion in school: Do you recall learning about religion in class? Was religion part of discussions about citizenship?


Cadets: Were you part of the cadet corps at CTS? If so, was it considered mandatory or voluntary? Was there any reference to the Soviets during your training or did you and your fellow cadets talk about whether world events may lead to war and whether you as a Cadet would be part of the war? Teachers: were you involved with the cadets at Jarvis as instructors?


Anti-Communism: Do you recall any discussion among your fellow students or from teachers about the threat posed by Communists, whether domestic or overseas? Were any students teased or labelled as Communists?


The above are initial discussion points but if you have other recollections, outside of the above, that are relevant to my topic, I am interested in hearing from you. Please let me know if you are interested or have any questions. Thank you for your consideration.


Frank Clarke

PhD Candidate (History)

York University

Mobile: (416) 797-5255

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