The Magnet Newsletter – Summer/Fall 2017 Edition

Hi Everyone,

It feels like the summer just hasn’t ended yet, even though we’re into the fall.  Frank wrapped up the last school year by compiling all the contents in our filing cabinets.  We were also contacted by Frank Clarke (a PhD candidate) who’s interested in interviewing former staff and students who attended Jarvis during the cold war for his thesis.  If you could help him out, it’d be much appreciated.  What he’s looking for and his contact info can be found in one of the posts below.  I also just managed to scan in another yearbook from 1906.  All the Posts/Pages to these items can be found below:

PhD Thesis – Impact of the cold war on Ontario Secondary Students – Frank Clarke

The Jarvis Archives Inventory

1906 The Magnet Volume 2 Number 2

What’s to come:

I hope to spend some more time at the school with Frank and start the task of digitizing the items he’s catalogued and posting them on the website.

Wishing everyone a happy Thanksgiving.



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