The Magnet Newsletter – December 2019 Edition

Hi Everyone,

It’s been pretty busy heading into the holidays, but there are a few new things that I managed to get up on the site.  Also at this time I’d like to thank those that have donated to the JCI Preservation and Enhancement Fund.  We’ve had 2 donors to the fund who’ve donated $150 total.  If we get another $50 contributed we’ll be able to continue the Ambassador fund that was awarded at the last commencement.  As for needs for the museum and archive, I visited on November 11th and there was a layer of dust all over everything, so this year I would like to purchase a Dyson HEPA filtration system which I would put on a timer to help with the dust issue.  It also has an activated carbon part of the filter which should help with other air impurities that would otherwise harm the paper items in the archive.  They go for about $350 and the replacement filter is $100.  If you’d like to donate to the purchase of an air purification system, please visit our donation page.

What’s new on the site:

1970 Magnet Yearbook

1971 Magnet Yearbook

1972 Magnet Yearbook

World War II – Scroll of Honour Names

What’s to come:

On November 11th, Oliver Bertin from the class of 1967 has graciously volunteered to add something new to our site, alumni biographies!  He’s picked out some classmates tha the remembers and found that many to become quite accomplished.  Here are the names of the people he’s putting together write-ups on:

These are the students he has some (hopefully accurate) information on:
Georgina Balascas
Johanna Bertin (JCI 1968)
Alex Bird
Colin Bird
Bob Boomhour
Michael Brady
John F. Burka
Jane Campbell
Bill Chew (now Ngo)
Cheri DiNovo
Judy Gaal, class of 68, ret;d MD in Whitby, Ont
Paul Goldstein (class of 1957)
Steve Gromacki
Michael Iles
May Lee (-Goodman)
Doug Lorriman
Peter DeMarsh
Ron Glasberg
Lesley Kisner (now Cafarelli)
Tom Low
Terry Marescaux
Jim Marescaux (class of 1968)
Bob Marescaux (older brother)
Adrian Pullen
Valerie Ross class of 71 or so.
Lorie Rotenberg
Magda Seydegart
Kasia Seydegart
Elaine Shamanduroff
Nelson Smith,
Omond Solant  (about 1928)
Mike Stubitsch
Christopher Ward

And some teachers he remembers as well:
Mr. Mathies (Physics)
Harvey Medland (history)
Inese Akmens (chem)
Ralph Haist retd VP;
Sidney David Holmes science teacher in the 50s;
Ron Payne (Latin)
Ron Chandler (music)
Tom Watt (phys ed)
Ed Hill (phys ed)
George Shepheard (sp) phy sed teacher

Also he’s looking for stories on what happened to these people:

John/Jim McKibbin, son of United Church minister
Lynne Ono
Charlotte Hausknost
John Strickland
Margrit Ibergs
Alexander Michaels, MD???
Liona Boyd, famous guitarist (he’s not sure if she was a student there, but remembered she performed in the auditorium once)

If you wish to help him with info on these people or are one of the persons mentioned (and would like to help in your own write-up), just drop me a line.

I’ll keep plugging along at scanning yearbooks and uploading videos.

I wish you all a Merry Christmas and/or a Happy Holidays (if you don’t celebrate Christmas, but do celebrate the time off) and a Happy New Year!

Thank you for your support.


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