Jarvis Magnet Newsletter – January 2020 Edition

Hi Everyone,

It’s been a busy January.  I’ve managed to scan some more yearbooks, so now we have a complete quarter century set of them (1950-1974).  

Oliver Bertin (class of 1967) is collecting short biographies of JCI graduates from 1967. He would very appreciate a few paragraphs from his fellow students telling him where you went after high school, where you worked and what you  accomplished. Do also tell us some funny stories from your days at Jarvis. It will be a fun read.   Just send a short note to Oliver Bertin (oliver.bertin@utoronto.ca) with whatever you would like to say. It doesn’t have to be long or detailed. Just something that tells a little about yourself since we saw you last.  It will be published in under the decade rooms section of the website (check out the 1967 page for an example of the bios, which include Oliver’s and Peter DeMarsh).

What’s new on the site:

What’s to come:

  • More yearbooks (1976-1979 are in progress, with 1946-49 to follow and then 1995-96)
  • More of the bio’s that Oliver is putting together (we have a few that we’re waiting on approval on)
  • Hopefully some more videos (this one is the most time consuming so I’ve been putting it off)

Thank you for your support.


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