Jarvis Magnet Newsletter – March 2020 Edition

Hi Everyone,

Another newsletter down to the wire. An  I’ve managed to scan some more yearbooks, so now the 1940’s are complete.

I’ve also posted 3 more of Oliver Bertin’s (class of 1967) biographies.  Hopefully as we work through some technical difficulties, Oliver will now be able to help post more up and keep them updated.  If you have edits to existing ones or more to add, please contact him.  He can be reached at. oliver.bertin@utoronto.ca

What’s new on the site:

What’s to come:

  • More yearbooks (The 1994 and 1995 yearbooks are next)
  • More of the bio’s that Oliver has put together
  • More videos (it’s always the hope to post more, but it’s difficult)

With the events of CoVid-19 occurring, things may slow down as my wife and I are continuing to work from home and are homeschooling our kids (as all parents are doing with this pandemic).  But hopefully the content on the site will help with your social/physical distancing.  I also hope that you all stay safe and healthy during these times.

Thank you for your support.


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