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Penny (Penelope) Tunnell Biography – Class of 1967 (and 1968)

Penny’s Timeline: 1957 Born in Wales, emigrated to Canada via five years in Hong Kong where her father taught civil engineering at the University of Hong Kong. 1966-1967 Dropped out of JCI after Gr 12 and worked for a year at Confederation Life. 1967-1968 Went back to JCI and won an Ontario Scholarship. 1968-1971 Did

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Joseph Ingram Biography – Class of 1964

Since August 2013, Mr. Ingram has served as Senior Advisor and Chairman of Capitalis Investment Advisors, a South African-based equity group developing projects and structuring  financing for investments in alternative energy and agriculture in Africa.  During this same period, he has been associated with the Global Growth Dialogue, a US-based group of prominent academics and

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Bill Ngo (Bill Chew) Biography – Class of 1967

In an astounding, unprecedented short period of three years after graduation from Jarvis, Bill was awarded a PHD in Electrical Engineering at the University of Toronto.  He has been described as being ‘brilliant’ and called a ‘soaring genius’ although some people have also strangely used the words ‘fantastically delusional’.  (Oliver Bertin: “He always did have

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