Kasia Seydegart – Class of 1966

A social worker, is Vice-President of ERIN Research Inc. which she co-founded in 1981.  ERIN Research is a management consulting research firm that specializes in quantitative and qualitative research.  Kasia has gained recognition for her diagnostic, analytical, and communication skills, and for innovative solutions to service delivery, media, and strategic issues.  She has a strong commitment to improving social policy and social welfare in Canada.  She was awarded the Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Award (2012) for her charitable work.

“Life is short. You have to do the very best you can with the time you have.”

Sister is Magda.

Co-wrote “The portrayal of sex roles in Canadian radio advertising” commissioned by the Canadian Radio-Television and Telecommunications Commission, by George Spears (husband) & Kasia Seydegart. 1985.

from https://www.inthehills.ca/2013/11/kasia-seydegart/

Kasia Seydegart says, “I feel like I’ve been a very lucky, happy human being,” and that fortunate state of affairs has been one of the motivations for her lifetime of giving back to the community.

A social worker by profession, Kasia and her partner Dr. George Spears run their company, ERIN Research, adjacent to their home southwest of Erin village.  Their award-winning firm specializes in measuring service quality and client satisfaction, as well as media research on major trends and events.  Of recent note are two national studies of children’s media consumption, and a series of studies on fairness and balance in Canadian broadcasters’ coverage of political events….

Founding president of EWAG, the East Wellington Advisory Group for Family Services.  While the initial focus was on youth, gradually the organization has expanded to provide services for the whole family, including children’s and seniors’ programs, transportation assistance, food banks, and referrals to a network of partner organizations dealing in services related to family violence, mental health, addiction, and probation and parole.

Kasia also served for a number of years both as a member and chair of the United Way Social Planning Council for Guelph and Wellington, and she chaired the Georgian College Research Analyst Program Advisory Committee.

In 2011, she brought her brand of organizational know-how to Bethell Hospice, which provides a 10-bed residence in Inglewood for people with terminal illnesses, as well as community support programs.  Never one for half measures, Kasia now serves as chair of the Bethell Hospice Foundation, which raises awareness and fundraises for this extraordinary resource.”

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