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Pictures of the Bicentennial by Anthony Cheung

Anthony Cheung is from the class of 1983/84 and he’s given us permission to post his photos of the Bicentennial for all to enjoy. Photos include: -Alumni Choir rehearsal -friends and teachers -1:00PM concert and choirs -Westin Dinner -80’s Decades room (copies provided by email to Jeff Good) -other decade rooms -Mosaic/Jarvis Stars Showcase

For 1960’s Jarvisites

The Jarvis ‘Class of 1965’ will be celebrating the 50th anniversary of its graduation in June! If you attended Jarvis in the 1960s, we’re inviting you to come help us celebrate this landmark. For details visit: (Please note: This is *not* a Jarvis Collegiate Alumni Association event, but an event organized by 1960s Jarvisites

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