You can donate to the Jarvis Collegiate Institute Preservation and Enhancement Fund in two ways:

1.  Send a cheque to the school made out to “Toronto District School Board” and in the note field, state “JCI P and E Fund”.  If you wish to donate to some other cause at the school, just state “JCI” and whatever it is you’d like to donate to.

Send the cheque to the following address:

JCI P and E Fund c/o Diane Ledo, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, 495 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2G8

The Toronto District School Board will issue you a charitable receipt for any amount over $25.

2.  You can donate online using the following link:

    1. In the “Fund Destination” drop-down menu select “Jarvis Collegiate Institute (1341)” 
    2. In the “Message” field state the following:  “For the JCI Preservation and Enhancement Fund”  Note:  If you don’t do this, the money will go to the general school donation fund and will not go towards this fund.
    3. Click “Add to Cart”
    4. Click “Continue”
    5. If you’re already registered, go ahead and sign in.  If not, Register on the site and follow the prompts.  You will be sent a registration confirmation email which you’ll have to click the link to verify your email address.
    6. Once you’re signed in, you can go to your cart and complete the checkout process.  Follow the prompts.  Once payment i nformation is entered and your donation is confirmed you will be given the option to view your charitable receipt (which you can save/print for income tax purposes).  You can always log back into the system and retrieve the receipt for the donation at anytime.

Below are step by step instructions of the online donation process:

1.  Once the link is clicked you will fill out the donation information on this page:

2.   Once you click “Add to cart” you will be taken to a page to confirm your donation.  Click continue to move onto the next step.

3.  If you have a sign in to this system, go ahead and sign in, otherwise create a new registration.

4.  Once you’ve selected to create a new registration the following screen will appear to fill in your first and last name.

5.  Click continue and enter your mailing address and email address.

6.  Click continue and then enter your password and password retrieval information.

7.  Click continue and the screen will explain that it will send you an email with a link in it to verify your email address.

8.  Once the link is clicked, you can proceed to sign in on the screen shown in step 3 and go to your cart (by clicking the shopping cart in the top right hand corner.  Once you proceed to checkout, you will be asked to enter payment information.

9.  Click continue and if you selected credit card, you’ll be asked for billing info.

10.  Click continue and then you’ll be asked to confirm your payment.

11.  Click “Complete your order” and you’ll be taken to a page to download your taxable receipt.  This will also be emailed to you and you can always log back into the system to retrieve the receipt.




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