You can donate to the school in two ways:

1.  Send a cheque to the school made out to “Toronto District School Board” and in the note field, state “Jarvis Collegiate Institute”.  If you want it to direct your donation to a specific area, append the name of the school with whatever you’d like, e.g. archives, athletics, music, schloarships, etc.

Send the cheque to the following address:

Archives c/o David Seepersad, Jarvis Collegiate Institute, 495 Jarvis Street, Toronto, Ontario, M4Y 2G8

The Toronto District School Board will issue you a charitable receipt for any amount over $25.

2.  Donate online at Canada Helps dot org.  And follow these steps:

1)  In the search bar, type “Toronto District School Board”.  2)  Choose “Toronto District School Board”. Verify that “Toronto District School Board” is the charity
profile presented.  3)  Click the “Donate now” button and type in your
donation amount.  4)  The “fund/designation” is pre-set to “where most
needed,” so if you want to donate to Jarvis’ most need go to step 6.  5)  To direct the donation a message with instructions is  required. In the “Message/instructions” box, type:
“Only For: Jarvis Collegiate Institute –  ” and then whatever you’d like to direct the donation to as mentioned above (e.g. archives, athletics, music, scholarships, etc.)  NOTE:  The TDSB usually doesn’t let JCI know what the funds are being donated for.  6) Follow the instructions, either by registering with Canada Helps or by paying with PayPal.

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