Headmasters and Principals

Headmasters and Principals

Jarvis Collegiate, 1807 to Present

Headmaster/Principal Notes
1. 1807 – 1812Rev. George O’Kill Stuart


• Anglican clergyman• Harvard graduate

• very poor teacher

• several disconcerting habits – spoke for a long time with eyes closed, then suddenly opened them – very peculiar way of using his voice

• drove students away until there were only 4 left in 1811

• retired in 1812 to become minister in Kingston

2. 1812 – 1822Rt. Rev. John Strachan


• Anglican clergyman• born in Scotland

• Key figure in early history of Upper Canada, a man of vision, as well as driving ambition

• became General Superintendent of Education for Upper Canada – founded University of Toronto – appointed first Anglican Bishop of Toronto

• some information on Strachan on Wikipedia – many books and articles have written about him

3. 1822 – 1825Rev. Samuel Armour


• Anglican clergyman• born in Scotland

• promoted from assistant to John Strachan

• resigned in 1825 – became a schoolmaster in Cavan township until his death

4. 1825 – 1830Rev. Dr. Thomas Phillips


• Anglican clergyman• born in England – educated at Cambridge

• excellent scholar – brought many Eton traditions to Home District Grammar School – emphasis on Greek and Latin – cricket became popular

• but by the end of his principal-ship, government declared all grammar schools in Upper Canada failures

1830 – 1834 • to solve education crisis, government creates Upper Canada College• U.C.C. and Home District Grammar School amalgamated as “Upper Canada College and the Royal Grammar School”

• marriage lasts only a few years

5. 1834 – 1836Rev. Duncan MacAulay





• school re-opens with new name, “Royal Grammar School” – buildings and grounds in poor condition, neighbourhood had declined• born in Scotland

• clergyman of Church of Scotland

• 1836 moves to U.S., reason unknown

6. 1836 – 1838Charles Cosens





• school re-opens with new name, “Royal Grammar School” – buildings and grounds in poor condition, neighbourhood had declined• born in Scotland

• clergyman of Church of Scotland

• 1836 moves to U.S., reason unknown

7. 1839 – 1852Marcellus Crombie


• previously taught in Montreal and eastern Upper Canada• another difficult period for grammar school education in Upper Canada – economic depression strangled funding
8. 1853 – 1863Dr. Michael Howe


• graduated from Trinity College, Dublin – taught in Belfast – emigrated to Canada in 1851, taught in Cayuga, then Galt – hired from town of Galt• 1859 forced to resign because of “rumours affecting his character” (probably code words for homosexuality or sexual impropriety)

• moved to Australia, became principal of Newington College in New South Wales

9. 1863 – 1872Rev. Arthur Wickson


• last clergyman as principal• graduated from University of Toronto

• resigned in 1872 because of ill health – moved to England, where he worked for many years with the Christian Instruction Society

10. 1872 – 1899Dr. Archibald MacMurchy


• born in Scotland – graduated from University of Toronto• won the school its high reputation for academics, especially math

• terrific male chauvinist – believed women should not teach or enter politics – not a single woman attended his retirement

• 1873 school renamed “Toronto Collegiate Institute

• 1890 school renamed “Jarvis Street Collegiate Institute – because Toronto got its second collegiate, Parkdale

• stayed too long as principal – discipline declined, leading to an official investigation which resulted in his resignation

11. 1900 – 1906Major Fred Manley


• a former student at Jarvis, later a Jarvis teacher• while teacher, took leave of absence to help put down the Riel Rebellion, fought at Battle of Batoche, decorated

• was unable to maintain standards and discipline

• 1906 resigned due to ill health

12. 1906 – 1914Dr. Luther Embree


• “one of the most successful” principals of the school• graduated from University of Toronto

• transferred from Parkdale Collegiate and, within a single term, restored efficiency, discipline, high standards

13. 1914 – 1934John Jeffries


• graduated from University of Toronto• during his 20-year principalship the school enjoyed many successes, including construction of the present building

• after retiring in 1934 lived to age 99

14. 1934 – 1939Fred Clarke


• maintained high academic standards despite the retirement of several outstanding teachers• retired in 1939
15. 1939 – 1950Arthur Allin


• well liked and successful – overcame shortages and other difficulties during World War II• arrived at Jarvis in 1913 to teach science – appointed principal in 1930

• retired in 1950

16. 1950 – 1952Dr. James Jenkins


• popular math teacher at Jarvis for 28 years, devoted to students – appointed principal only 2 years before his retirement• after retirement received an honorary LL.B. from the University of Toronto for his contribution to math and to education at Jarvis Collegiate – in granting the degree, university president described him as “truly a mathematical Mr. Chips”
17. 1952 – 1969Milton Jewell


• graduated in 1926 from University of Western Ontario with a B.A. in Business Administration• football and hockey player at university – teacher of mathematics and physical education at Malvern Collegiate, Toronto, 1932-1942 – Physical Training and Drill Officer in R.C.A.F. during World War II – Principal of Malvern Collegiate, 1946-1952

• a great lover of sports and believer in the importance of physical education

18. 1969 – 1974Eric McCann


• graduated in 1936 from University of Toronto, B.A., English and History—attended Riverdale Collegiate, Toronto—taught in North Bay and Toronto, then served in Europe during World War II—taught at Central Technical Institute, Toronto, 1946-1963, Head of English Department, 1958-1963—Vice-Principal at Jarvis Collegiate, 1964—Vice-Principal at Danforth Technical School, 1964-1969• co-author of Style and Structure; editor of Longman’s Falcon Edition of King Lear
19. 1974 – 1983Ann Shilton


• first female principal of Jarvis Collegiate (after 167 years and 18 male principals)• a former Jarvis student

• teacher of English and Physical Education at Central Technical School, then at Humberside Collegiate—Vice-Principal, Heydon Park Collegiate—Principal, Greenwood School

20. 1983 – ?Janet Ray
21. ? – 1994David Wells


22. 1994 – 1995David MacDonald


23. 1995 – 2001?Pauline McKenzie


24. 2001? – 2008?Andrew Gold


25. 2008? – 2012Elizabeth Addo
26. 2012 – presentMichael Harvey

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