Jarvis Jargon

The Jarvis Jargon was the school newspaper with the motto “For the students, By the students”.  It originally was a printed newspaper, but eventually evolved into an online newspaper.  Below are links to the archived copies of the online version of the newspaper.  Please keep in mind that the pages are presented as they were when they were hosted on the school’s website and that not all the links may work as I wanted to preserve the look and feel of the newspaper as it was.  Clicking on the links below will open a new browser tab/window.

JargOnline 1999-2000

JargOnline 2001-2002

JargOnline 2002-2003

JargOnline 2003-2004

JargOnline 2004-2005

JargOnline 2005-2006

JargOnline 2006-2007

JargOnline 2008-2009

Issue 1

Issue 2

JargOnline 2009-2010