Mailing Lists & Newsletter Sign-up and Logged-in User Management

Currently there is one newsletter and one mailing list.

The Magnet Newsletter is a publication that is still under development.  At this point in time it will be used to make announcements much like the daily Magnet that was read during the morning’s on the P.A. system (although there’s no intention of sending out daily emails) and on a monthly basis to summarize the new and upcoming content on the website.

The Picture of the Month is a mailing list which is used to send out either one photo or a group of photos to be identified.  By signing up to this list you’ll be notified when  new photo is posted and then you can log in and comment.  Alternately if you’re not comfortable registering with our website, you can email with the subject “Photo of the Month” along with the Year and Month it was posted to provide your feedback.

You can also sign up for specific lists:

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