1967 Commencement Program

Oliver Bertin has been kind enough to volunteer to start writing and compiling profiles from the class of 1967. He’s also compiling some profiles from other graduating years and will include some profiles of staff members who were part of his experience and J.C.I.


Oliver has tried his best to come up with this if he wasn’t able to contact the people he’s written about from public websites or fading memories. If there’s anything that is inaccurate or not correct, please contact Oliver at oliver.bertin@utoronto.ca or call 416 588 8520. He’ll correct the entry and send it in to get updated.

Thank you to everyone who’s to helped with these mini-biogs.

Class of 1967 Biographies (Click the names to see the biographies if they don’t appear on the page):

Adrian Pullen

Alex Bird

Barbara Salter

Bill Mitchell

Bill Ngo (Bill Chew)

Bob Gracey

Christopher Ward

Colin Bird

Doug Lorriman

Elaine Shamanduroff-Goldy

Georgina Balascas

Jane Campbell

John Burka

John Strickland

Jon Reid

Lesley Kisner

Linda Low

Lorie Rotenberg

Magda Seydegart

Marc Jordan

Max Balaban

May Lee (-Goodman)

Michael Brady

Michael Iles

Mike Sanderson

Mike Stubitsch

Nelson Smith

Oliver Bertin

Penny Tunnell

Peter DeMarsh

Rick Seymour

Ron Glasberg

Ross Armstrong

Steve Gromacki

Terry Marescaux

Tom Low

Honourable Mentions (people who didn’t graduate from Jarvis, but were there around 1967)

Cheri DiNovo

Memorable Teachers/Staff (a bit of biography and staff/student memories):

Inese Akmens-Seminovs

Robert Boisvert

Ron Chandler

Chet Ciupa

Ron Crawford

Melanie Czerny

Louis Georges Emond

Jim Fraser

Temma Gentles

Charles Gracey

Ralph Haist

Ed Hill

Sidney David Holmes

Milton Jewel

Mrs. Lane

Dave Mathies

Sadie McRoberts

Harvey Medland

John Michaluk

Ronald Payne

George Shepherd

Marvin Pearl

Lyall Stewart

Tom Watt

Harold Wright