The Jarvis Archives and Museum is currently defining and prioritizing it’s projects.  Currently there are three ongoing projects which you can help out with.  Please contact volunteers@jarvisarchives.ca if you’re interested in any of the following opportunities:


  1. Helping with setting up the Jarvis Archives and Museum.   Currently the Archives and Museum are housed in a 12′ by 12′ room in the library at Jarvis Collegiate Institute.  It is our hope that we’ll be able to move the museum to a larger room (12′ x 30′ approximately).  The museum requires a blueprint drawer, locking display cabinets and a table with chairs as a working surface.  If you’re able to donate these items or provide fundraising assistance, please contact us.  Once we acquire these items we will need help with organizing and displaying items at the museum.  Volunteering only requires a commitment of a few hours a month.
  2. Helping with scanning yearbooks and other items.  This is an ongoing project to scan yearbooks and other paper items contained in the archive to be displayed on this website.  Volunteering only requires a commitment of a few hours a month, which can be done at home if you have a scanner.  Otherwise, we’re looking to get a computer and scanner for the archives, which both students and alumni volunteers can schedule time to visit the archives to do this work.  Once a schedule of Archive and Museum hours during non-school hours is available, it will be posted on this site.
  3. Helping with creating an index of all items in the archives.  Training will be provided and once volunteers are qualified we can arrange with the school to provide access to the archives to continue the work (either during school hours or after school hours depending on the availability of permits to the school).

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